Saturday, April 15, 2017

O Mister Eptitude, Where Hast Thou Gone?

Ungainly yellow edgy indecisive Mister Linearity,
his awkward too-long arms in an inept embrace
around, as if attempting to protect, the blunt
amorphous softy Mister Tenderness in front of him,
makes at least a show of wielding both as tenable
together: symbolically contrasting soft pink feeling
with the steely forward clear decision-making mind.

Although from his position as thick cushion guarding
nervous Mr. Linearity’s exposed bare chest,
we find that the inert and blunted Mister Tenderness
seems less protected by his putative protector
than he’s shielding his protector with himself.
Senseless tenderness mixed with confused abstraction
won’t stay long upon Sir Logical Intention’s shelf.

So the blobby business each of us proceeds to pry
and cobble into usability by conjuring new archetypes
and fable-arts to lineate our Motives and their sharp
Component Parts – as characters in allegories saddled
with cute honorifics such as Sir and Mister - tries now
to provide a guide as helpful as John Bunyan’s tale, listing
animatedly what we should do effectively and morally

to bring about agreeable results. But no Pilgrim’s
Progress here. No single thing exults as clear solution;
no outcome doesn’t throw its complicated shadow.
We’re left with bad old Sirs and Misters, listing in
the sense of losing balance when they take the barest
step. We don’t find only Mister Linearity’s embrace
of Mister Tenderness inept. Nothing left is ept.


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