Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Considerably Bent, But Whole

Equa married Nimity and all was very calm.
They breakfasted on their aplomb,
and dined each night on the exquisite balance
of their silent and sophisticated sighs. Until, alas,
their elegantly half-closed eyes half-gazed into
too many middle distances for far too many days
en route to asking why their two existences,
now joined, were such a bore. “I can’t take it
any more,” Equa heckled Nimity. Nimity
decided it was time to put an end to deadly calm.
They’d detonate a fragmentation bomb! They got
one at the supermarket, tossed it rashly into
their unused garage. Kaboom! Garage barrage!
“You unrelentingly fragmented me!” besqueaked
a quivering pile of yellow wood chips. “I used
to be a totem pole! From Warsaw!” whimpered
several thousand other splinters on the floor.
Nimity and Equa wondered how to make amends:
“We’d help you if we had the hands to do so!”
Then Equa suddenly remembered what was
in her trousseau. A magic wand! It had learned
to wave itself and do its shticks in school back
in the Great Beyond. Equa promised: “It will raise
your status, Totem! Just you watch!” The wand
obliged, re-purposing the wooden chips into
a loopy many-elbowed angled and all-purpose
worker, front and back entangling over, onto
Nimity and Equa, now a new, un-fractured golden
handyman. A grand debut! Unfathomably new!
Factotum Pole! Considerably bent, but whole.

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