Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Devil is a Magistrate, a Doge, a Chevalier

The devil is a magistrate devoted to Hell’s volupté
asks (as any worthy god would do) to sink your
eye into his own; fall deep into the flaming iris,
feel its molten waterfall replenishing despairing
vacancies of dwindling self: to take you past
incendiary agonies into unseemly bliss:
and pleasure's to be had in this grand gaze,
this kiss that's only deadly to the hope of ever
seeing sunrise anymore. A loss? The Doge
of Darkness tells you No: implores you to take
in the cinnamon red rapture of his dying sun,
so very much more beautiful than any one
of many dawns you'll never see again. The devil
is a chevalier of random causes, offering a panoply
of lethal choices: all of which exact a toll but none
of which much matter to the murdered soul.


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