Thursday, October 17, 2019

It Wasn’t Too Much to Expect


However unwittingly, two men
quite fittingly found themselves
sitting companionably in proximity
on a late afternoon F train today,
each as if humming a kindred tune --
reframing refrains of the other.
One held a smartphone whose size,
shape and color resembled the hue
and the contours and heft of a cup
from a thermos his neighbor held up

about at the level the phone occupied, 
from which on occasion he'd sip.
The eyes of the man with the phone
seemed in tandem to sip data out
of his own cyber brew, and suddenly
somehow I felt I knew more than
before that flirtations transpired
between the unseen and the seen —
sipping data or tea unobtrusively
seemed to join both in a mystic
romance of relation: it wasn’t too 
much to expect an impalpable thought
and a palpable touch to beget yet
another grand dance of creation.
Or so I decided I'd bet as I watched
the unknowing duet of two men
with a thermos and smartphone get
separately off at the following station.

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