Thursday, October 17, 2019

What My Murderer Thought

What My Murderer Thought

Dr. Seuss plus Ginsberg? Some people
have sometimes said that. “Like giving 
good head to the Cat in the Hat!,” opined 
an acquaintance of mine about one or

another vociferous verse I’d subjected him to 
which I'd thought rather fine. "I just spew out 
the stuff," I explained. He looked pained.
“Well, you’ve spewed out enough,” he then

grunted as if he were tough and took out
a shotgun and shot me. Now that I’m dead 
I just keep writing more. Some habits defeat 
breath and death with their depth and their 
breadth but god knows what this one is for.
I think I write just like Pussy Galore
freshly back from a weekend of whoring.
But my murderer thought I was boring.

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