Thursday, January 14, 2016

Donna & Guy's Magical Mystery Tour

Donna & Guy's
Magical Mystery Tour

Donna Boguslav & Guy Kettelhack

Atlantic Gallery 
Suite 540, 547 West 27th Street or 548 West 28th Street, New York NY 10001, 212-219-3183
February 23 - March 19, 2016

Reception: Thursday, February 25 - 5 - 8 p.m.

As the last changeling born to an Irish gypsy and a winding
Alaskan river, I packed my caravan early with little knives,
toe shoes, sable brushes, loon feathers, and a stethoscope.
I posed nude for magicians waving fine charcoal wands;
they taught me to paint songs on woven cloth. I followed
turtles building great castles; they taught me to scratch
dreams on dead trees. I continue my travels, midwife little
worlds, exist on laughter and mystery. I thank you and
every artist I have ever known.

---Donna Boguslav
            Sea Creature, Donna Boguslav


In the twenty-five years Donna and I have known each other - and mingled our lives and spirits - we've explored a wide shared territory of life, and the great good news we can report from that exploration is that everything is goosed by the beats of cosmic laughter. To have the chance to mix our versions of that discovery in this show offers me the greatest happiness I can imagine. And I suspect seeing our work together may prove entertaining for anyone game enough to walk up to it. I'm the child of two artists, although mostly have made my way through life as a writer; however, quite without warning, I started doing a drawing a day on April Fool's Day 2009 - creatures emerging from which have accompanied poems I'd already been writing. Since then they've found their ways into art shows and poetry journals but mostly into Donna's hands, where I most want them to go. But now, in this magical mystery tour, Donna and I get to show our strangenesses to you, too! Come join us!

Guy Kettelhack

We Sense It Had To Do With Blue, Guy Kettelhack

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