Saturday, January 23, 2016

Voluptuous Obfuscation, An Exercise

Information emanates more strangely
than we think, or know. Much of thinking is,
in fact, a way to thicken and to sink the flow,

break down the fleeter sweeter bridges
over which we might more efficaciously
discover Soul – to quicken and to aid our sight –

to radiate sufficiently capaciously through means
which don’t depend on grammar’s hammer or on
the illusion of a logical phylogeny of thought

for truly generative thinking’s light and flight.
Electing to release instead of fleecing facts
in some erroneous attempt to undertake

the fraught inspection of their use, can quite
magnificently squeeze the fruit of life for juice,
tease out the only antidote to psychic strife.

Wielding syllables? – a Lilliputian enterprise:
chasing silly swarms of dull varieties of gnat.
We can do more with consciousness than that.


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