Saturday, July 30, 2016

This Just In

Two microbes have reportedly been found
to have evolved to sentient life. Nano-probes reveal they have
vocabulary and an alphabet and memory, bewilderment, a sense
of their mortality, ennui and the ability to plan.

Parthenogenetically conceived, they have no need
for the microbial equivalent of woman or of man
or anything besides themselves to reproduce.
Scientists deduce from their apparent lack

of interest in the world they also lack the interest to attack,
or gain advantage, or engage in any enterprise injurious to us.
In other words, we need not make a fuss: we needn’t
bother with their miniscule inefficaciousness –

we needn’t query their uninteresting
existence any more.
They’re something, for the moment –
and quite possibly forever – to ignore.


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