Friday, August 4, 2017

Color Gods, Color Guards

Without question, Red and Yellow and Blue are the gods:
the holiest triad, the primary hues – oligarchic triumvirate
from which ensues the Collective of Purple and Orange
and Green and their endless derivatives. But Green has been

keening for power – shunted aside for too long by The Primes
in the triad eternally second in line (with its doltish dim siblings,
that oafishly ogling Orange, and the prissily purposeless Purple),
its envy, for which it is justly renowned, has now grown

to a ravenous rage to unseat its complacent progenitors, quickly
dissolving them into insensible paints so that Green can begin
its illustrious reign. It insinuates into the dark and precipitates
slowly on each of them, making each slick with the smell of itself,

staining each with inarguably killing proof that, remorseless, they
all have incestuously used poor Green as their sexual toy. No
greater sin than to do such a thing. But so far this ploy hasn’t
very much bothered Blue, Yellow or Red. They’re quite enjoying

the emerald jello-y streaks that Green nightly appears to want
so much to leak. Each has started to lick off the skin of the other
the lime-minty drips which turn out to be rather a wonderful taste.
They’ve decided in fact now to issue a fiat to Green,

and to Purple and Orange and all of their infinite progeny
similarly to provide all their flavors, in dollops and drops, one
by one, sip by sip so to savor the fullest degree of the outcomes
of being the gods that they are. Green didn’t get very far.


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