Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Not So Much as a By-Your-Leave

One half of me so seldom seems to want to see the other half
whose only interest evidently is to see its other half, I wonder
at the likely losses in the benefits and costs of their dichotomy.

Is one intended to correct the other? Is the other’s mission
to ignore the other’s admonitions and proceed as if no other
half were there? Is the outcome of what one supposes is what

I think of as wholly me in jeopardy? Am I doomed to a psychotic fall
or psychic leprosy? Will all go dark? Should I care? Or did I simply
make their duet up because duality is such a lure and seems

so sure a model for a vehicle for generating rules about no matter
what – the only car to drive and park? Is my divided brain a losing
cause? Is that good or bad? Have I been had by some bored

propagating force who long ago gave up the farce of thinking
there were any laws that could account for my egregious lapses
and now plays his version of a game of darts with my synapses?

Two humanoidal heads and faces rise beneath my pencils,
colored markers and eraser with not so much as a by-your-leave.
Uninvoked and uninvited, one’s not looking at the other while

the other looks at him. Joined together by a flaccid bit of spiral
left from someone’s skeevy mucus glycoproteins DNA they seem
un-bothered by their twosome. I find them not a little gruesome.


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