Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Obfuscatory Peroration on Red Grapes

In the course of eating red grapes
one has frequent occasion to notice
presumably unintended esthetically pleasing
configurations of the bunched fruits appearing
at unpredictable intervals which attain
to the condition of Art. I see it as a main task
remaining to me in these last two or three decades
allotted to me of life to make what record I can

of these happy accidents and to report on them
in an ever-increasingly baroque syntax
and involutedly nuanced timbre, tone & manner
so that as we proceed the contrast
between the evermore impenetrable
and the frankly accessible indeed by comparison
simple beauty of the revealed grapes will act

to frame them so ornately that we shan't be able
to see them as anything but the unforced paradigms
of a new category of organic allure so astonishing
in impact that we shall have to alter the way
we think and to investigate heretofore unquestioned
assumptions about who and/or what
allows creation at this elevated level to transpire
which will prepare us to examine the likelihood

that what we imagined to be evidence
of agency or intention may not after all be more
than an obfuscatory psychic ploy to distract us
from the real event whose methods & effects
do not remotely follow any system of production
we have ever known. I would continue like this
till the grapes and all trace of the space
I take up are entirely gone.



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