Tuesday, September 26, 2017

rhyme crime

you’re the best. you pass the test:
commit the crime of rhyme
more for its beauty than from duty 
to appear as if you’re clear

as you pretend you can suspend
your disbelief or feel relief
to think capacitance for assonance
will automatically requite the lust to write 

more verse. that can be the curse.
not every lens will cleanse.
angles of the light can tangle up & fight.
prisms can be prisons.

but you shine as the example of a fine
receptor – except for
your decision now & then to requisition 
quantities of zen-like mindless blindness

as the license fee to pay for the licentious way
you must pursue, as if it didn’t bother you,
to go below
to hunt the fish in which abides your wish –

flirt with, lure & kill it; free the blood & spill it –
steal its flesh while it is fresh
so you can eat it – not entreat it & repeat it
like a rabbit with a habit.

it’s unfortunate you’re so importunate.
you write like this too often. you ought to soften
rather than get stiff inhabiting “as if” –
forever trying to be clever.

but isn’t that the aim? how you get acclaim?
isn’t there a ‘should’ in good?
believe, perhaps, in magic. in the pelagic
realm of fishes, wishes, rabbits.


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