Sunday, September 3, 2017

Three Years Ago, on Labor Day

Three years ago, on Labor Day, when she decided
she had had enough of laboring, Christina chose
instead the enterprise of wondering. Every day
all day since then, she’s sat down doing that.

She wonders about everything. Most people when
they think they’re wondering are really worrying.
They’re scurrying away from wonder; they forget
what wonder means: the awe you feel in front of Being.

Christina loves that wonder is a verb as well as noun:
that wonder is an action that exacts response:
that bids you follow it – no, not to swallow it, but
to be swallowed by it – to commingle in its round

astounding boundlessness, to seep into its under-
currents of circumference: to imagine seeing Being,
and maybe even actually seeing Being. At last, to see!
To Christina there could be no more arresting destiny.


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