Monday, October 16, 2017

She and Her Hammock, Her Hammock and Her

“Hang up a hammock,” her spirit guide
told her one night in a nice enough dream:
“sit in it often until something softens inside
and you feel something gleam.”

“Soon you will see it. It will go grow clearer
as long as your hammock and you co-construe
to co-habitate: gently and warmly get nearer
by sitting, awaiting the next breakthrough.”

She thought: won’t be hard to do that.
The hammock and she got along like a charm:
they happily nestled like lap and cat.
And then she began, with the faintest alarm,

to see the dream’s gleam had arrived.
Her hammock had brought her transcendency
which she now knew was why they had thrived.
Hammock and she were in love. Destiny.


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