Thursday, December 27, 2018

This Thing You’ve Got

(for Catherine, on her birthday)
The woman’s singing to the girl, the girl
sings back – informing and reforming
to rewarm each other’s hearts
and histories, their mysteries, to broach
a new approach, address a lack that now
has found a round replenishment in song!
I have known the girl and woman –
how they’ve thought they felt and how
they’ve felt they thought – but suddenly
as they’ve begun to sing it’s like I hadn’t
known them long. I thought I knew
their essence: I was wrong.
It’s your birthday, Catherine –
and the birth year of a new career: what
you’ve yearned for since the girl in you
unfurled into her hunger for an unimpeded
life. To offer us a view of the immensity
of love which pours into your singing:
a place for us to be a part of you.
Your “i” has found its dot.
It’s real, this thing you’ve got.

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