Sunday, December 16, 2018

To Get Our Business to Renew
To wander off from my menagerie as I have done
now for too many days, did not cause a catastrophe,
nor really any outcome in my creatures I could see
that gave them too much trouble. Their inimitable fun
had halted – and there was because of that a drying out,
slight giving up or in, an atmosphere at last that took
my breath and made it gasp, had me hunting for a hook
in their rare sea to catch some rapt insistence flying out
into a wider, deeper realm than it had been allowed
to flow to for a while. That insistence was a squirming
snaky jaundiced monkey-being, smiling and affirming
to me that the hook I wanted to tug us away, endowed
with a sufficient boost to get our business to renew,
was what it wanted too; indeed it knew the hook was me –
and so I find myself again the slave of my menagerie,
laboring to tug them out and through to baffle you.

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