Wednesday, March 6, 2019

An End

Primal light, dark flame –
something other than a heart
beats in his frame –
something more than life
contaminates and animates.
We see A lead to B to C
and on to Z in him but
some enigma branches out
and casts a spell: the code
bodes neither ill nor well, but
hints at something swelling
out of sight. Everything is
obvious, he says, and we agree
that everything about him
is quite obviously hidden,
unlike anything we know
or think or see, enough
to keep us furiously alert,
and curious. Obliquely,
in the dark, he winnows us
through corridors and brings
us to a door through which
he tells us is the view.
But something stops us, then,
from walking through.
But he’ll walk through.
That won’t bring the end,
but it will bring an end to you.  

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