Friday, March 8, 2019

What Happened When the Whirligig and Calvin Kissed


Somewhere in the other world,

which Calvin daily visited

to do his morning exercises,

strengthening and stretching

his great lengthy limbs, he looked

around, while leaning back, to see

a twirling up of coiling tender

threads and slender lines attain


the height appropriate to meet

his eyes, and suddenly the whirligig

and Calvin knew that they were

destined to be lovers. In the other

world you don’t need any covers

to protect you from the eyes

of passersby – indeed the other

world encourages the overt act.


And so, without the need for tact,

they tangled up in public in bright

yellow light: and caused a new

inimitable fact to come to pass:

a hybrid knot of linearity and mass

the likes of which no creature

either here or in the other world

would ever have predicted to exist.


So that’s what happened when

the whirligig and Calvin kissed.

By now, though, they’re a yawn.

The other world and we await

the dawn of something newly

aberrant: even if, as with

the whirligig and Calvin, we

won’t stay interested for long.


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