Monday, May 13, 2019

Orchid-Owl, Avatar and Pal

When it devolves upon one in one’s life
to choose not to resolve to revolve through the strife
of attempting by foot or by train or by car
to appear every day in far too many places, an avatar
might then be wrought and/or bought to relieve
the impasse of your scrambling without a reprieve
to be clambering over it all, all at once.
Disingenuously putting up cheerful fronts
can’t deliver the goods with aplomb.
Ergo, to deflect what was otherwise fated to bomb
on my rep, I construed to replace, cheek by jowl,
synthesized into duo, an orchid and owl
less awkwardly than one might guess
one would likely be able to make coalesce
as effectively as they quite surely have done.
Sending this avatar out into Cosmos is fun.
And at last the amassed ghastly onerous weight
0f imploring, in solo estate, with oneself as the bait,
to seduce every eye to regard one exactly
as what their desires require: a hot-wired acme –
with Orchid-Owl running the race, All has lifted.
Existence miraculously now has shifted:
no longer inexorably deems I’ll fall sans a net
to placate the Omnivorous All. At least, not quite yet.

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