Saturday, October 27, 2007


Nothing is empty. Space preempts assumption –
has it over you before you've blinked: not only
in that winking quantum world you have to take
on faith – but in this yielding wraith of palpable
materiality – within which Now (no less miraculous)

persists: the whole in all its infinite absorbing
parts – capable of moving, chilling, lulling hearts:
be warned. Every place in you brims fuller than
the dawn – more volatile – and yet more purpose-
built to serve. Get what you deserve. Demand:

receive. Just do your part to heave it into being.
Help it do the seeing – co-create to gratify, repel,
absorb, rebel, release, disarm: accept its friendless
calm dispassionate solicitude, aplomb. Surf its web
of ebon charms. Sound ineffable alarms. Log on.

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