Sunday, October 14, 2007

While the Globe is Warming

You stop to say what you can.
Though you sometimes feel
half like a man – one-quarter a sieve –
and the rest a conglomerate

mix of whatever takes in or can give
the proportionate fix of perspective
that tells you what ought to erect
and what ought to stay down –

and otherwise helps to direct you –
remember the streets in your town –
and enough of your lusts and your loves
to keep poking around for relief.

This thing you call consciousness?
Prey to a merciless thief: or maybe your
mind is the varmint and everything
else is the innocent victim: poor

you or poor them – whoever’s at fault
is condemned: but so is the rest
of who isn’t. (Oh, savior be gone – or
be risen!) But everything’s fine

nonetheless. You manage to sleep
and get up and get dressed. You
shop and you pray and you plan.
You stop to say what you can.

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