Sunday, October 21, 2007

All the Pink and Blinking Trinkets of Eternity

Today I shall believe in the survival
of the human personality beyond
its corporeal cage – highly organized
hallucinations though the content of
the raging constellation of imagination,

cognitive capacities, mammalian
instincts and esthetic predilections
of a person’s mind may be, they
constitute an idiosyncratic sea that
surely must retain beyond the dying

brain some quantum warmth
and constancy: King Charles the Sixth
of France, Jack Kerouac, and
Maxine Andrews – not to mention
Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado of Japan –

are said to have expired today,
October twenty-first – 1422 to 1995:
somewhere, I now contrive to think –
in sync with all the other pink and
blinking trinkets of Eternity – they wink.

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