Monday, January 7, 2008


Genius is everywhere; everyone counts
as its golden exemplar – simply by standing
or sitting or nodding or blinking – dismounts,
as it were, from quotidian life – by remanding

to passersby’ sight an entirely right
and appropriate, recondite, tight disposition
of stance and delivery – nuanced delight –
and such generous graceful volition –

so offhand and physically free: see
that angular twenty-year-old lope across
Twenty-third Street magnificently
unaware of the dance-like sweet gloss

he inordinately grants his limbs –
manifest Flesh of the trembling Word –
an embodiment of sacred hymns
to whoever the god is who startles the bird

in the dawn: your heart-notes swell -- intone:
so fine! – light! – true! – bold, bright endeavor!
not dispelled by his prayer to his cell phone:
“So I’m like, you know, like, whatever.”


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