Friday, January 4, 2008

Less Dash --

Anticipatory joy! --
how he can’t wait for that boy! --
by ‘boy’ he means a man
of course: who -- whatever his span

of life -- whatever he does or did --
internally still is a kid --
a crafty callow pup.
Not that he's grown-up

so much – or cares to go terribly deep --
but whom might he wish he could keep? --
what partner would he like to stay --
instead of take off, après? --

Big challenge: testosterone --
which tends to keep predators lone --
competitive – seeking the next raw bite --
a passionate slave to fight-or-flight --

most men who love men can't help
but let out a hungry yelp
at the scent and the sight of fresh meat --
mammalian and indiscreet --

maybe he’d like a gentler surprise --
a new softer light in somebody's eyes --
less dash, and more from dramas
of pause, and sigh, with commas.


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