Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How I like the cold and dark!

I think I’d like the January night to go on
for eternity – which I suspect it will,
someday: today the daylight wants to
come out unimpeded, warm, like Spring;

as if to feed it, morning cloud clumps
back and dumps its sack of mist all over
everything: refreshed, the sun re-pours
its blinding brightness into noon – quite

filling up its glass with May – as if it must,
today, as if the play I want to play had
lost its cast and moon and freeze and
funding: no more gray until the evening

comes, and winter reasserts itself like
some returning husband, angry at his
errant wife: tonight I’ll get that taste of
bundling life against a wintry strife that he

and I so crave – I’ll pack and park beside –
and brave – its darker overwhelming
realms – forgo the whole revolving show:
dissolve into a dream of a resolving snow.


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