Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bauble of a Thought

To calibrate the bauble of a thought –
detect dimensions
in its shimmering translucence –
its imperfect sphere –
to celebrate that thinking comes at all –
that something
like illumination could appear –

this is what you’ve done
a thousand times today –
it is the price of knowing you
are here. Today you thought
you wanted edgy sex –
something to awaken fear –
something to arouse the animal –

the unpredictable, the dangerous –
the range of ominous
complicities your psyche always
is prepared to entertain –
but now your hot hormonal rain
has stopped – the frigid
rain outside has, too –

and all returns to fostering
the sanguine view. Something new
will happen soon to you:
heard, and caught, as if it were
a bird, or ringing of a bell.
You calibrate the bauble
of that thought as well.


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