Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Bet It Isn't This One

Had it not occurred to Life to mutate into the divisions
of the plants and animals – to randomly evolve
into such isolated beings as the avocado and the bird –
might we have preferred that it had introduced

an affable amalgam of the two? Perhaps
two billion other worlds construe this happy
hybrid – each of which by evening will have won
direct collaboration with a sun through apertures much

like our eyes which do not only offer points of view
but photosynthesize – deriving nourishment directly
from the source. Of course, they’d think and speak as well,
and dwell quite amicably with each other. I’d like

to have one as a brother or a friend. Perhaps then
that would end the sense that I’m an isolated interspecies
unity myself. I wonder to what galaxy I truly should belong.
I bet it isn’t this one. I guess I could be wrong.


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