Saturday, October 1, 2016

Multi-Colored Naked People

At some point, everybody (but the phobic few who never do),
took off their clothes today. I did: I bet you did, too. Indeed,
four multi-colored naked people just now came around to me,
although apparently (they said they lost their way) mistakenly.

Knowing me, perhaps it won’t be a surprise to hear that multi-
colored naked people often do appear quite regularly here.
No big deal, I tell them – as indeed I told them now, inviting
them to stay. Glad to rest, they kicked back to display their flesh

arrestingly. Two of them wore fetching red and purple hats,
which they suggested I try on. I happily complied. Not only did I
not look bad in them, they sighed: they breathlessly opined
they’d never seen a hat look better on a head than these hats

looked on mine. Trading warm and warmer glances – as I slowly
slipped the red hat off and slid the purple on again – looking,
frankly, then as if they needed to be fanned  – well, let’s just say:
things got out of hand. I’ll leave it there. You understand.


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