Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Art of Complementary Relationships

Blue and Orange yearly join each other to review
their complementary relationship. Their bond
has been ambivalent for eons, back to when they
first discovered physics thought them opposite.

Red and green had better temperaments for this:
they saw immediately they’d do well at Christmas;
Purple working out its thing with Yellow wasn’t
any bowl of jello, but they managed: coloring

vast quantities of Easter Eggs had over years
permitted them to nestle side by side quite amicably
and undamaged. But Orange (who has learned
through centuries to be more positive about

the prospect than his partner) must each year
pursue new avenues of soothing reassurance
and diplomacy and tact to keep his moody hue-mate
acclimated to the fact that they’re a worthy duo.

Orange lightens every care when he reminds her
they’re the colors of the Knicks and Mets and each
New York World’s Fair. Now they’re collaborating
on a book about the art of cultivating marriage.

We last saw them discussing it as they were
gallantly conveyed  through Central Park’s October
orange trees and leaves and autumn’s azure skies
in a romantic horse-drawn blue and orange carriage.


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