Monday, January 29, 2018

Flirting with the Mother of Us All

Exigencies of existence breed despair –
which makes you care beyond your bounds about
what you can't bear about what you must care
beyond your bounds about: betrayal, sickness, death –
existential loneliness. They say there’s no redress.
But that’s somebody’s under-educated guess,
fallaciously repeated in the press. Time to flirt
with the Mother of us All. So I gave Ma Nature a call.
Took her to a dance last night. Tossed her in the air
(she’d cooed “you wouldn’t dare!”) – caught her
when she tumbled down and hugged her like a bear,
kissed her hard and round and round we spun.
Whispered to her one-on-one:
"Do us up a favor, Mama
Nature, would-ya, hon?
Make it all a lot more fun."


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