Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Hive Inside

Do hearts pump love as well as blood?
And what of heads – supposed, by those
who pose dichotomies, are only they consigned 
to think? I think that in some secret nexus, head 
and heart contrive to bring us to another brink:

to be so linked, that to imagine one as different
from the other makes the axis in me shrink.
Today the hive of bees that breeds a better 
metaphor for me than Mind and Heart at war 
with one another seems communally more 

accurate a model of the way our psychic
elements appease: corralling all their “bees” 
to aid the widest vision soul can animate. Honey 
is their money, nourishment their currency! 
Let's surmise that that is how to feed, and show

how much we prize, the queen – who privately
awaits us one by one to come in to inseminate
her with our dreams. Let's imagine loving is 
at one with thinking – that the collaborative
ploys in us are what keep joy from sinking.


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