Saturday, March 31, 2018


Is death our fault? A corporal
punishment? Admonishment
from some vast mystic Moral Board
that we have failed the vital test?
Is that why we’re remanded
to the maw of death? If we were virtuous
exemplars of some cosmic law,
would nothing sever us from breath?
If we, say, ceased our wanking off,
would we be spared that final spanking?
Soft! What light through yonder
window t
hen would break?
Would it invite us to be good
so we not only could but would
live on the Earth eternally?
Then let’s go out
and fuck things up infernally.
Promise me nonbeing
or at least a little coma in a b’n’b
before careening me
into another change
of scenery.
Elsewise I’m-a quit
this beanery.


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