Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Bare, Cling, Plan, Die, Infinity, Infinity, Nothing

God (again pretending to be Moses)
just rewrote His Theses and His Thoses.
I know because He just now hurled them
at my head, theatrically flaming, from the sky
(God’s a P. T. Barnum kinda guy): seven
reminders from heaven he hopes will gain
renown. (He said I could pare them down.)
1.       Bare it all.
2.      Cling to the lie.
3.      Plan never to know anything.
4.      Expect to die.
5.      Infinity must be true.
6.      Infinity can’t be true.
7.      Nothing whatsoever has to do with you.
Unbounded and unfounded chaos would appear
to be the order of the day from Massapequa
to Cathay, New Delhi to Islamabad. It’s not
that anything might happen but that everything
must happen which contrives to drive one mad.
But can cocoa mounds like us be driven nuts?
(I asked God. Weak with laughter, He replied.)
“Since the Cosmos must and cannot happen,
maybe, baby. But only after an infinity of ifs
and ands and buts. And infinity don’t know
from ‘after.’ And candy bars are lazy.”
(As I have tried hard to little avail to explain
before, we are candy bars and God is crazy.)
The rest is hazy.


Dylan Mitchell said...

I like the second stanza best. You're an interesting poet/writer :-)

Guy Kettelhack said...

Thank you Dylan! Between Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas your name has a lot of poetic provenance!