Friday, October 26, 2018

Three Minutes Past Friday

“Let’s have a shindig and foster disunity
raise up some hell till we’ve lost our impunity
not that we ever had much to rely on
what law can alter the night you will die on?
Three minutes past Friday is when you will go.
When I make the plan, trust me, It Will Be So.
Undress for this party, my frail little friend -
you were bare at the start, so you’ll be at the end.

He rants as if he is the Devil on Friday
He tries to forget that each Friday is my day
And my day, like all days, remains sacrosanct.
There’s only one day after all, God be thanked
for abolishing fear that you’ll leave our fraternity: 
heaven is here and you’re here for eternity,
you can’t escape, evanesce into night
and the endlessness we all must face in this light
that will never turn off. All Devils are Gods,
and Gods are all Devils. That sets up the odds
and bevels the levels of our destiny
which we’re living right now and always will be.


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