Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cutie Pie in a Wig - An Affectionate Tribute to Agatha Raisin

Cutie Pie in a Wig
An Affectionate Tribute to Agatha Raisin
(with apologies to my English friends for my "British" accent

She's a cutie pie in a wig!
who quite clearly does not care a fig
about who might contrive to consort
to convince her she ought to resort

to a less meretricious display.
She knows she's delicious this way.
She'd tell them "that's nice, thank you dear."
Which could mean "Get the hell out of here."

But she's never rude. Few would suspect
that her aim, to cajole and direct
the opinions of that panoply
of her fans with whom she can't agree,

is so subtly, so truly aligned
to the current collectively Unconscious Mind
that she never has failed to persuade
them to join her on every crusade

to accept and acknowledge self-evident fact
and to learn how deliciously they can enact
the beliefs that she knows to be true.
Which, by now, she is probably doing to you.

Some think she thinks fascistically.
But she helps us to see more heuristically
what fuels her quests: reforming our senses
by stripping us slowly of all our defenses
against what she knows to be right
which she thinks you'll enjoy, and you might.
Were she a bottle, you'd give her a swig.
So follow her model and try on a wig.

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