Monday, December 30, 2019

Just Desserts
We should like to croon a sonnet,
tie onto a triolet a pretty bonnet -
offer it to you with some petit pantoum -
or scat like Ella - boom
some hiphop villanella - perform
something to cool or warm
you, as you please:
to put you at your ease,
give you the flavor
you might savor
be the jelly on your toast.
We'd love to be the riot-
ously pleasurable literary diet
you consume in your preferred venue.
But first you gotta see we’re on the menu:
See us? Number 22 under: "Just Desserts -
Served up nude, or sporting shorts or skirts"
We're two for the price of one or less,
I'm bare-assed with a belly, he is in a dress. .

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