Monday, December 9, 2019

The Facts of the Biz

Not the Holies you hoped to see,
but you’ve taken it largely in stride.
Theocracy’s bureaucracy’s
too bumpy a tedious ride.
Plugging you into divinity
is the job they say they’ll do.
But the spill of their magnanimity
has limits. The favors that you
desired from them required too much
to be processed, backed-up and aligned.
To permit the healing of sacred touch
requires ten forms to be signed.
So yes, they’ve now abandoned you,
and left you unloved in the lurch.
And perhaps in effect it’s remanded you
to a far better life outside church.
Who can be sure of the facts of the biz?
The teleological tenets that matter?
It’s possible everything’s fine as it is.
But it won’t make the Vatican fatter.

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