Monday, October 6, 2008

Airy Worlds

The rush of meaning for today
began to be conveyed
at dawn by a tumultuously
undecided regiment
of stormy cloud – all proudly
puffed for war but barreling

into the blue – askew –
and screwing up whatever
it had meant to do: and then
more inner atmospheric
turpitude than I can name
usurped what I might otherwise

have gained in calm reflection:
all insisting I succumb more
consciously to air – in all its rare
and rude and daring
and unprepossessing forms:
I drank a “Dr. Pepper,” burped,

then sneezed, then felt a swarm
of heartburn bubble jazz me:
gas from an internal furnace
whose more usually balanced
give-and-take received a shake
from chemically reacting

circumstance, and fate:
gaseous states, above, below,
replace capacity for thought:
today all macro-micro-cosmic
winds must blow – let airy
worlds be wrought!


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