Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cosmological Bowling

If this thing we’re in
has no beginning
and no end,
no center, and no edge,
it doesn’t seem as if
we’d ever have
to hedge our bets:
infinity is on our side:
distances are moot:
there is no time:
and size can’t matter.

So why not grasp
this relatively simple platter
of a task and fill it
only with the readily
accessible: just those
importuning blasts
and hints and aspects,
flows and throes
and causes and effects
which alter our particular
peculiar beings –

then concoct
from them beliefs
that serve a goal.
We are, it would appear,
already whole.
All we have to do
is constitute the pins
and set them up,
contrive a ball that
fits our fingers,
aim, and bowl.


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