Saturday, October 11, 2008

Head-On Poem

Say the thing outright:
Shun all sham and crudity:
Weigh the day and night:
banish ambiguity:

link your facts together:
give them their clear due:
whether some dove’s feather
tickles you to new

unforeseen perspectives
or a heavy gloom
adds its dark directives,
give the creature room:

let it flex its arms:
or (as apt) its wings:
promulgate its charms:
‘til the outcome brings

something like a coda
to the silly quest:
like an ice cream soda
dumped into a nest

would disrupt a sleeping
little starling chick:
setting it to peeping –
choking in the thick

unexpected deluge:
make the thing resist
any sort of refuge:
then, please God, desist.


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