Friday, October 17, 2008

NYC - 10/17/08 - 3:43 p.m.

Sun glare – shattered bright October light
breaks over sofa-boulders of upholstery: strange
to be in such embarrassingly intimate proximity
to this autumnal mystery: haunting disembodied
bongos bop and boom from far across the park;

from the kitchen: Mozart on the radio, a plaintive
oboe commandeering a concerto, as if doing so
were quite the same as bopping bongos in
the park: sun glare – blaring easy and enticing
rhymes – dare and care and bare and swear:

something wild playing Mozart on the bongos in
the sun-glare makes me wonder what would make
me think I couldn’t? All week I’ve been beat up
by flu. Today, all day, at last, instead, rare daring
New York City: I succumb, again, to you.


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