Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At Times Like This

What makes me think – so suddenly! -
that they are so superb?
They proffer chocolate as the noun,
and peanut as the verb

in some sweet trancelike dreamy verse
where all I have to do
is gobble Peanut M&Ms
to make a poem. True,

my dear friend Donna does suggest
one cannot clearly see
when one blanks out on sweets like this
and eats robotically –

and broccoli and Brussels sprouts
have been my normal fare –
arugula, red pepper, garlic,
pasta, and, I swear,

I’ve found it all a merry romp –
a healthy roundelay;
but conscious eating’s too much work –
at least it is today –

some secret sadness I could name
but won’t – for privacy –
I guess induced me to reach out
for colored-shelled candy –

as simple as I wish the heart,
at times like this, could be.


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