Friday, February 27, 2009

Care & Feeding of a Word *

Let’s do what we can do.
Let’s find exactly what will shoe
the Unicorn to make him feel
like he can kick back and relax,
enjoy the game. Let’s bake
a pretty cookie for his tea, and give
his little horny colt the same.

Let’s ask him why he bays
each night so terribly about
the ways we haven’t adequately
trumpeted his fame:
let’s pay attention to each requisite.
Let’s name him “Exquisite.”
Let’s be his champion and caretaker,

let’s pamper him, warm up his form
when he is bare and cater
to each antlered-horsey whim.
Let’s curl his mane
and give it just the trim
the other Unicorns all crave.
Let’s take him with us to the grave.

*Don’t be a dope.
Don’t tell him he’s a trope.


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