Tuesday, February 3, 2009

White, Odd, Expectant

More, now, happens in this February snow –
dramatic bit of extra glow as everything tilts more
revealingly towards the coming of another season –

gathering and shoring up, concealed but building
to emergence – and, perhaps, emergency.
Much grows soft and cold and slow, but not

all hearts survive to undergo the change – can find
the strength to range into the new: acquire the living
and elaborate complexity required for going on.

Today you chose to buy salami and Swiss cheese
to go with fresh rye bread: more fat than
you’ve allowed yourself for quite some time.

But more, now, happens in the February snow,
and you’ve the sense you’d better shore up,
gather some resource before embarking

on the newer course – yet another strange
unprecedented climb. Amassing lacily on bushes,
branches of your neural network like amalgamating

risk – just like the snow outside: a brave entangled
mess of frozen willingness resides on top,
inside: white, odd, expectant, like a bride.


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