Monday, February 16, 2009

Engagingly Unspeakable

God enjoys white noise –
the Big Bang hiss
His universe employs
relaxes Him, helps Him

to cultivate a little poise;
He loves inspecting us
as we subject ourselves
to vexing sex as well –

its hectoring spasmodic
hell – its twitch – reflex –
with which He keeps us
cosmologically hexed;

but surely, out of all
the nexus of perplexities
that He expects us
to ingest (what we

call eating humble pie),
He most enjoys
our swallowing what Being
uses as its lie –

and lets His grand
eternal spinning
ball imply – that anything
exists at all: his alibi –

distracting us –
while he exacts far more
engagingly unspeakable
ejaculations on the sly.


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