Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not a Cigar

I’ve continued my decline –
my perilous descent –
just profligately spent

on candy: not a bar
or Valentine assortment:
a Cuban thick “cigar”
whose fat brown sweet deportment

recalls a mighty phallus:
stiff chocolate case – slick, spruce –
as if to make a palace
for all the praline mousse

which fills it like a lust
too bursting to abate –

plump – yearning through its crust
to spill: and promulgate

its glories you know where –
to consummate, make whole
and shamelessly lay bare
my sybaritic soul.



Rug said...

I found this page by googling your name. Which I googled because I found, by chance, a poem of yours called "Bird Painter". I absolutly must say that your work is phenomenal, the internal rhyming style is refreshing and rolls well. I love all the poems you have written here.

At the moment, I am learning to write poetry and am starting to take my personal education very seriously. I was wondering if you have any advice for me.

I can't stress enough how much I love your poetry.

Thanks Joe.

Guy Kettelhack said...

Rug - thank you so much! I don't expect comments here, so it's a thrill to get one. (I think of this as my poem depot.) Good luck on your work, and thanks for your kind words again -


Guy Kettelhack said...

I'm sorry, Rug - I missed the request for advice - probably because I'm so bad at giving it. Read and write and read and write and stay true to yourself while you work on craft. There are no short-cuts I know of. But so much wonder on the way. That's all I know how to say. (wouldn't you know it would end with a rhyming coda!)