Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Guy & a bit of the Mozart e minor sonata

What a joy this will be for me. Turns out I will be able to contribute something to the Broadway Bach Ensemble chamber music concert on Thursday March 30 (starting at 7:30 pm at Presbyterian Church on 114th & Bway where we play our orchestral concerts) - a short tender poignant 2 movement violin & piano sonata in e minor (kv304) Mozart wrote in Paris in 1778 when he was 22 - right when his mother died. It may be the most direct musical expression of mourning for his mother he was to make. It's the only instrumental work he ever wrote in this key. I get to play it with my good friend & wonderful pianist Arlene Hajinlian. It's such a gift to me to have this chance to play it. With luck I hope we can make it a gift to those who hear it.

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