Sunday, March 12, 2017

Triscuits with Three Dabs of…

Intending to sit down and sort and organize
to isolate the best of what would animate
a comprehensive survey of the heart –

to take the big thing on and understand it
through each small component part –
to reach an overview from which one might

construe effects of influence and thus
project their impact on what one would likely
be expected to experience tomorrow –

to impart a greater force and potency
by borrowing from one’s anterior investigations –
not foreseeing a complete annihilation of one’s

fears about one’s ends but rather some
more simple lift: that is, to gather sweet
sufficient amicable data to permit a letting go –

to drift into the prospect of embrace by
unknown arms of some as yet unmet someone –
one took, instead, a break, and ate three

Triscuits with three dabs of whipped cream
cheese, chopped onion and an olive.
All was now resolved! A coda had evolved.


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