Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lately They’ve Been Crowding In

Where do faces come from?
In what factory do they arise?
How do we procure them?

Lately they've been crowding in –
at night, just when I close my eyes –
as if determined to enact some

secret enterprise – so pleased
are they to see my serial surprise
at the kaleidoscopic changes

in their guises – last one came in
wide and high, part-quadruped,
part-table on blue shapely legs –

somehow able inwardly to ask me
(half-asleep in bed) if it had a name
(so pled its whisper in my head).

Grateful as it was to have been
bred and framed into unfettered
space, like every other face

it wondered what it was and why.
God knows I don’t know. Like its
siblings, this one soon will slip away,

another take its place – to show,
as they each undergo, the come-
and-go availability of grace.


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