Sunday, July 9, 2017

As Flat as You!

How not not to be appalled and wonder helplessly
at these eruptions of untoward effects in you!
That now instead of one head you have three
does not illuminate the faintest basis to construe

the least particular of what you mean to do or be,
but that we’re so unnervingly caught in the swoon
of our dismay at what you now appear intentionally
to desire to become: a meaningless cartoon –

well, you’ve lost your third dimension: done more
(or is it less?) than “die” – “here” in some displaced
condition of flat turpitude: a hologram-galore
reflexively affecting to be rounded in a three-faced

way: a shameless sham, the shambles of a ruse.
There must be pitiable reasons you’ve gone graphic.
Do you want to be a depthless blunt display? – choose
the path of least resistance toward that aim the traffic

of Existence can sustain? Oh dear, as in a gentle rain
of madness, something’s ceased now to dissuade me
that your lack is lack – at last, I see the gain:
no longer damnable, your shenanigans persuade me.

So I shall cease dissension and my apprehension –
join your coup d’├ętat and be a caveat with you!
Challenge comprehension: ditch the third dimension:
to bell the cat with you – to be as flat as you!


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